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The Design Build Method differs from the more traditional forms of contracting in that the client deals with one single administrative entity, the Prime Contractor, who provides the design and construction under one Contract Package. During construction, any conflicts between construction and design, and divisions of responsibility between Contract packages, are the responsibility of the Prime Contractor. The Prime Contractor prepares the total design and thereby retains Architects, Engineers, and other specialists as required.

Under the Design Build Method, the Client makes known that he requires a certain facility and, in general terms, outlines the parameters relating to Architectural and/or Engineering design, functional use of space, site planning, time of occupancy, together with the basic structural, mechanical and electrical requirements.

If the Client does not have qualified staff within his own organization to evaluate the proposal and later carry out inspection of the work, it is recommended that Consultants be engaged for this work. Duties of the Clients' Consultants may include drafting up the original proposal document, assessing the proposal, reviewing contract documents as well as inspecting the work.

Once the Owner has accepted the proposal a Contract is entered into and working drawings and specifications completed within the parameters of the proposal. Actual on-site operations can commence almost immediately allowing final design and production of working drawings to proceed concurrently with some construction.

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