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The complexity and cost of major construction projects require efficient management to ensure that there is adequate control of manpower, time and expenditure. The project management concept involves the implementation of all functions necessary to achieve this objective efficiently while permitting the Client the degree of control necessary to determine his wishes and preference.

It is the intent that, by the application of Project Management principles, the Project Manager relieves the Client of the responsibility for providing an organization to deal specifically with the design and construction of the new facility.

The Project Manager shall have definite authority to enter into contracts and make commitments on behalf of the Client, and have responsibility for all day-to-day decisions. The extent of his authority and responsibility shall be within limits prescribed in his contractual agreement with the Client. He shall act as the agent of the Client as defined.

The Client shall be kept informed on progress and the extent of his financial commitment.

Project Management is particularly applicable where, in order to meet the overall schedule, it is necessary to commence construction before all design is complete.

The main difference between PROJECT MANAGEMENT and CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT is that the Project Manager has a contract with a client and in turn employs the architectural and engineering consultants to form his group, whereas under Construction Management the owner engages the architectural engineering consultants, and at the same time or shortly afterwards engages the services of the Construction Manager. The Owner forms this team usually under his own chairmanship.

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